Monday, September 22, 2008

Bills Fans Sidelined by DWI Arrests

According to the Buffalo News, 11 motorists were arrested for Driving While Intoxicated following the Bills-Oakland game on Sunday.

11 drivers charged with DWI following Bills game

While most fans are responsible, a minority of them take the risk of driving while intoxicated. It doesn't make sense, especially when you look at the costs of DWI:

Attorney fees: $2,500
Insurance Pool Surcharge: $4,500
Additional Insurance Cost: $1,500
Fines: $500.00 (average)
Alcohol Evaluation / Treatment: $500
Minimum Cost = $9,500

These costs are not estimates, they're based on real data supplied by Erie County's Stop DWI Task Force. Fortunately nobody was injured or killed in any alcohol related accidents after the Bills game. It is tragic that people get behind the wheel after drinking, especially when many safe alternatives exist.

The best alternative is to appoint a designated driver for the day. We also recommend using chauffeured transportation. In addition to eliminating the problems of DWI, taking a limousine to the game makes it easy for you to enjoy 'tailgating' at the stadium, while providing a safe trip home for your group.

It's less expensive than you think, and way less expensive than a DWI/DUI. Taking 20 people to a Bills game in our stretch Hummer Limousine costs about $37 per person...and it is a lot of fun. Be advised that nearly all of our fleet sells out for Bills games, so it is wise to plan and reserve your transportation early!

You'll find all our Bills and sporting event prices right here.

Bride Recommends Buffalo Limousine

A letter from a bride reviewing our service on the day of her wedding:

"Our limo driver was David. He was very sweet and professional. At one point, my Mom who gets hot very easily, had to step outside the church to get some air. David, who thankfully got there a little early, came over to my Mother to see if she was okay and brought her some water from the limo.

On our way to the reception, my husband and I had to make a quick stop at our apartment. When we came out, it was raining very suddenly and here comes David running to us with an umbrella! He helped me numerous times in and out of the limo. He was just too sweet! We were very fortunate to have him as our limo driver.

Our overall experience with Buffalo Limousine was just perfect. All the transactions went very smoothly and the prices were by far the best. (and believe me, I called a lot of places!)

I HIGHLY recommend Buffalo Limousine. A wedding is one of the most important days of a person's life and its comforting to know when your in good hands. Thank You all so much for every thing!
Sarah and David LaPaglia
Congratulations Sarah and David, and thank you for choosing Buffalo Limousine. If you are a bride planning your wedding transportation, you'll find everything you need at our web site.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seneca Lake Wine Tour: Fun in the Finger Lakes

We had a great time this past weekend taking 18 guests to visit Seneca Lake Wineries aboard our stretch hummer. Our weather was a reminder that Fall will soon be here--a little sun, some sprinkles and clouds. That did not dampen the enthusiasm of our group. We started in West Seneca and approached the wine trail from the north, passing through the quaint town of Geneva.

From there we stopped at Torrey Ridge Winery first. A one-man band serenaded us as we tasted the wines and enjoyed the airy ambiance of the winery. Glenora's exclusive 'Champagne Room' was our next stop. Glenora is a venerable favorite amongst day-trippers and the winery goes to great lengths to accommodate groups large and small. The restaurant there is fantastic as well, so you might want to make that part of your plans if you're making a trip. Traveling south, we visited the Arcadian Estates Winery, where the gracious Lauren filled our glasses. Everybody became immediately attached to Jake, the winery's top dog and official greeter.
All-in-all, a wonder wine tour indeed. If you are in the Buffalo metro area and are considering a Seneca Lake wine tour, make certain to budget 2 or 2 and a half hours travel time to/from the region. It would be a good idea to call ahead to the wineries and arrange for wine tasting reservations if your group is larger than 10.
Buffalo Limousine offers many luxury vehicles that are perfect for wine tours. For more information, click here. Our web site allows you to generate your own price estimate and has interior and exterior images of all our limousines and buses.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feed Your Soul Nourishes Mind and Body

There are three main reasons why I am a chauffeur.
1-you meet cool people
2-you go interesting places
3-You do fun things

This past week I was able to do all three on a trip to the Chautauqua Institution. An exciting new company called Feed Your Soul Buffalo asked Buffalo Limousine to help transport VIP clients to Chautauqua for the day.

Feed Your Soul specializes in creating culinary adventures for people in the Buffalo Niagara region. The company is dedicated to bringing out the creative flavor of our area. Christa Glennie Seychew is the heart, and well...soul or Feed Your Soul. Christa brings two main ingredients to the table, a background in Food Writing and creativity. She organized the Chautauqua trip around a lecure that was given by two world renowned chefs at the institution.

Among the guests for the trip were chefs and foodies. Foodies are people who are gourmets, aspiring cooks and people who appreciate a good meal and a good time. Some of the food professionals in the group were:

-Chef Paul and Eric from Tempo on Delaware Avenue.
-JJ from Torches Restaurant on Kenmore Ave.
-The Goetz family from Sample on Allen St.

Getting there was half the fun as we enjoyed wonderful bagels, coffee and pastries on the way down. On the way back we stopped to fill up on fudge at Webbs...and a few of the passengers complimented the sweets with some wine.

This was my first time visiting Chautauqua, and I'll return soon. The campus is beautiful in every detail. Lunch was wonderful at the awe inspiring Athenaeum Hotel. Bestor Plaza was gorgeous an invited many people to have a seat and enjoy the fountain. I had an opportunity to browse through the library and take pictures from the giant windows on the second floor.

I look forward to the next excursion with Feed Your Soul Buffalo. Contact Christa via e-mail (cseycheww at or by calling (716) 812.1615. Feed Your Soul's web site is linked here.

Are you planning a creative corporate or private adventure? Contact Buffalo Limousine and discover all the services we provide including airport transfers to/from the Buffalo-Hamilton-Toronto region.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kodak Ingram Micro Corporate Event

Kodak and Ingram Micro know how to make a corporate event picture perfect. First, choose a really cool, extremely creative location. Add a limo bus and mix with fine wine. The result was a heavenly evening at the Stratus Winery.

Kodak sponsored the evening to say thank you to Ingram Micro for promoting Kodak scanners. Kodak scanners are geared towards business and corporate markets. The scanners use the same lens technology that has made Kodak a world leader in imaging. Ingram Micro employees learned about the Kodak scanners and made excellent efforts to promote them. Their efforts were rewarded with the dinner and wine tasting at the Stratus Winery.

Stratus is uniquely beautiful among the many excellent wineries that populate the Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) region. Stratus is designed to produce fine wines in the 'greenest' manner possible. No expense has been spared in creating the most energy efficient winery imaginable. The winery's temperature is controlled by geo-thermal vents that extend from the building more than 200 feet into the earth. Architectural design maximizes sunlight and is LEED certified. Grapes are hand picked and no pesticides are used. Every process of wine making has been analyzed and optimized for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Stratus' Ben Nicks was our host for the evening. It was fascinating to learn of the innovative strategies the winery employs to reduce its carbon footprint. The winery uses no pumps in its process thanks to a production design that uses gravity to do most of that work. Ben's knowledge stretched from the French Oak used to make the aging barrels ($1,200 each!) to the subtle joys of the palate when wines are paired with the proper foods.

Words would be inadequate to describe the wine tastings and the dinner. You must experience for yourself by visiting Stratus. A big thank you to Kodak and Ingram Micro for choosing Buffalo Limousine and our limo bus to provide transport for the evening. The group left enriched with the best in food and drink, and I learned how Stratus puts 'green' into every bottle of white and red.

If you're planning a corporate event, give Buffalo Limousine a call. Our company features professional chauffeurs and vehicles of every size to meet your needs.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stephanie's Wine Tour in Niagara County

Stephanie and her group could not have picked a better day for a wine tour. It was warm and sunny with a pleasant breeze.

After picking up the group of 17 in Buffalo, we headed for the Niagara Wine trail, which has really become popular as of late. I believe this is for 2 reasons; 1-the trail has successfully marketed itself to the Buffalo region and 2-the proximity to Buffalo is close , plus there's no need to deal with the border.

Our first stop was the Honeymoon Trail Winery on Ridge Road in Lockport. This is a pleasant winery with a very homey atmosphere in the main tasting room. Our group purchased more than a case of wine here. We also posed for an outdoor picture, as seen in the slide show above. Next we headed North to Marjim Manor in Appleton. Although the Bittner family does not actually make wine at this location, their wines and juices are made from local fruit. If you're looking for some unique vintages, try the wines made from apricots, cherries or apples--you won't be disappointed. Another differentiator of Marjim Manor is the resident ghosts. On this tour Margo Bittner entertained us with specters that are thought to frequent the manor (do spirits enjoy spirits?). The house and grounds have a storied past, which is well worth a visit.

We stayed the longest at the Freedom Run Winery, and for good reason. Their tasting facility boasts a set of
luxurious leather couches that envelope you. The interior design of the winery is by far the best on the Niagara Trail, providing a spacious, contemporary venue for tasting. Our extremely friendly guide for today was Kurt. Kurt had the knowledge of a professor and the demeanor of a laid back grad student. His colorful vocabulary helped bring out the subtleties and nuances of each wine. He was engaging enough to captivate everyone of our 17 guests, which is no small feat. The winery is also a showplace for art by Sean Manning, which you have to see to appreciate.

Our last stop for the tour was the Niagara Landing Winery. The atmosphere here is much more 'country' when compared to our previous stop. When I've visited here before, several small airplanes were parked around the perimeter of the parking lot. Unfortunately, there were no planes available on this day. The wines here are uniformly good, with the fruity Boxer Blush receiving an exceptionally warm reception from our group. It is also wonderful to see this winery's brand of Ice Wine which proves that we can do what the venerable wineries of Germany and Ontario can do.

All in all, a great day to be out with a great group of people. If you're interested in scheduling a winery tour, we can help. Head over to our main web site or call 716-835-4997 to schedule your winery trail tour.

Rick Ross Concert

We had a great time this past weekend taking a group from Buffalo to Rochester for a concert. Mr. Jefferson, the group's leader, had arranged for VIP tickets to a Rick Ross show. I had to do a little research on Ross, as I am not up to date on my hip-hop more is available here.

Mr. Jefferson must of had good connections, because when we arrived at the venue, we were escorted directly into the show hall. We bypassed hundreds of fans who were waiting in line outside the Rochester Armory--I guess those VIP tickets really work.

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